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about the school

Vitebsk Secondary school No.46 began its activity on September 1, 2010.

1145 pupils started their studies at school On September 1. Today, the school has 2100 pupils in 81 classes.

There are 33 educational classrooms, 4 IT classrooms, a cooking classroom, a tissue processing room, a combined wood and metal processing workshop, 2 language labs, a music classroom, an art classroom, 2 physics classrooms, a chemistry classroom, a biology classroom, 5 rest and games rooms for pupils of the 1st grade, an assembly hall for 280 seats, a conference hall for 60 seats, a library, 2 sports halls, a gym, a shooting range for 25 meters, classrooms for section work, a choreography hall, an event organizer's office, a social teacher’s office, a psychologist’s office, 2 dining rooms for 300 people each, a school cafe for 40 people, a school stadium with sports and game complexes, hockey, mini-football, badminton, volleyball and basketball courts, a tennis court, as well as an obstacle course, a playground for the study of traffic rules, and a playground for junior pupils.

The school has a dentist, pediatrician, and procedural offices, conditions for teaching children with disabilities are created. A correctional and pedagogical assistance center has been opened for 117 students of the school, where experienced disability specialists work.

The library provides computers with electronic teaching aids and Internet access for visitors.

The sports hall with an electronic scoreboard accommodates up to 100  spectators. The gyms and  choreography hall are equipped with  locker rooms and shower cabins. The school is fully equipped with sports equipment.

The school has organized 44 clubs and 7 sports sections with  612 students engaged. 349 optional classes were organized for students in the following areas: subject, musical, choreographic, sports, patriotic, energy saving and ecology, artistic and aesthetic.

In the 2018/2019 school year the following profile grades were opened:

* Grade 10 with the study of Russian and the English language at an advanced level;

* Grade 10 with the study of chemistry and biology at an advanced level;

* Grade 10 with the study of chemistry and mathematics at an advanced level;

* Grade 10 with the study of physics and mathematics at an advanced level;

* Grade 10 with the study of the history of Belarus and social science at an advanced level;

In the 2018/2019 school year, the following profile grades continue to function:

* Grade 11 with the study of  Russian and English, chemistry and biology at an advanced level;

* Grade 11 with the study of mathematics and physics, the history of Belarus and social science at an advanced level;

To develop cognitive interests, creative abilities, and the involvement of children in various types of social activity at school the following movements were organized: Belarusian Republican Pioneer organization - 1716 students, Belarusian Republican Youth Union - 111 students.

The dancing school team “Fidgets”  celebrated  the second anniversary. The participants are winners and awardees of numerous competitions and festivals.

The pedagogical staff of the school consists of 185 people: 98% of teachers have a higher education; 63% of teachers have the first and highest qualification categories. The average age of teachers is 37 years.

The school works closely with the Vitebsk State University. P.M. Masherov, Vitebsk State Medical University, Institute for Educational Development.

There exists a good tradition of sports and recreation holidays for residents of the neighborhood area. Our Secondary school is not only an educational, but also a sports and cultural center of  Bilevo residential district.

For five years of school work, 189 students have became winners of the second stage of the republican Olympiad in academic subjects. In mathematics - 10 diplomas, in labor education - 42, in physics - 11, in Russian - 8, in information technology - 5, in Belarusian - 4, in Spanish - 2, in English - 5, in geography - 9 , in history - 8, in biology - 45, in chemistry - 25, in astronomy - 8, in social science - 4.

In addition, students of the school won diplomas at district, regional and republican competitions, contests, conferences in various areas.